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Fraternal Greetings and Welcome to Our Official Home Page

Right Eminent Grand Commander Stenrick Adams
Sir Knight Stenrick Adams
Right Eminent Grand Commander
2017 - 2018
"Excellence In Templary"

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If you are interested in joining the Knights Templar, please let us know.

General Order #1

The Commander of each Commandery is hereby ordered to read this General Order at the first Conclave following receipt:

General Order #1

A Christmas Message from REGC Stenrick Adams

Christmas Greetings Sir Knights,

Christmas is celebrated in so many ways all over the world. Most cultures hold their form so dear to their hearts. As a child growing up in the islands pre-Christmas was all- out preparation not so much shopping for gifts but, painting, scrubbing, sanding to refinish furniture, removing all the year's clutter inside and out to lighten and brighten your home in preparation for the coming of the baby Jesus. There will be baking and making of special dishes and drinks that you will only see around Christmas time.

This is the time when we, cub-scouts, will go around the neighborhood to assist the older folks with this preparation and was happy to do so because it felt great bringing the Christmas spirit to a home in need.

As kids, we would start making toys out of wood or any material we could put our hands on, because we knew that the gifts will be few. We would work on it in private so that we can come out with a bang on Christmas day to show off to our friends. In the evening we will gather at the church with other kids and parishioners to head out with candle in hand, caroling from house to house, sampling the goodies that were waiting to be unveiled on Christmas day.

On the eve of Christmas we all head to church for the midnight mass. We sang carols, prayed and awaited the strike of twelve midnight, when all the lights went off and silence filled the space. Then you heard the many church bells sounding in the distance ringing in and announcing the birth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and all would be on their knees giving thanks for the most precious gift given to mankind.

As we celebrate Christmas this year, let us as Knights Templar make preparation in our hearts, removing all the things that stand in our way of our Christian walk .In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, pause to acknowledge that precious gift of love given to us, that we, can in turn give love to one another as he loves us.

From Lady Sharon and me: Here is wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May you enjoy lots of love, joy and happiness. May your Christmas sparkle with moments of laughter and goodwill - and may the year ahead be filled with contentment and joy.

Be forever blessed.

Yours in Christ, Stenrick B. Adams

Sovereign Order of Knights Preceptor

Membership in the Sovereign Order of Knights Preceptor is open to all Sir Knights who are Past or Presiding Commanders.
There are no annual dues, and a lifetime membership is only $30. The degree is conferred at every Grand Conclave.
For more information, contact:
Dave Barkstedt, dave@eliteconsultantsinc.com

2017-2018 Roster

The Red Book is available in the Recorder's Section.

All requests for Official Information should be addressed to:
Grand Recorder S.K. Steven Wing, K.C.T., R.E.P.G.C.
E-mail: Blisswings@gmail.com

* Please send any corrections needed to webmaster@grandcommanderyktny.org